Friday, January 28, 2011


According to the Webster's dictionary, a lacuna is "an empty space or gap"

I am a big fan of Barbara Kingsolver so when she announced the publication of her newest novel, I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I don't usually buy new books. I borrow and trade with friends, go the used book sale at the Detroit Public Library, hit our church's annual garage sale and regularly cruise the thrift stores. But...I knew that I wanted to add Lacuna to my Kingsolver collection.

So, I read it when it came out. When I finished, I have to say that it was not my favorite Kingsolver book. As time went on, and frankly, after talking with a friend about the book, the concept of a lacuna has stayed with me.

There are several meanings of lacuna in the book. The empty space or gap is both physical and emotional and spiritual for the main character.

So, thinking about where I am in the cycle of life. I have several close friends who are turning 50 this year and I'm not far behind. Still feeling young but realizing that nobody lives forever. Signs of aging... grey hair, a few wrinkles, creaky joints. I'm in that space between youth and middle age (or middle age and old age!?).

Between worlds... physical and spiritual. I try to focus on what is important and lasting. Not an easy task in this ME, ME, ME, NOW, NOW, NOW!! culture that we live in but I have to say, I am getting better at filtering out the noise.

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