Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Kale Stands Alone...Well, Almost

I took this photo of my Kale this afternoon. It's not quite alone in the garden, but almost! Just an hour earlier, it was surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, winter squash and beans, but no more.

I have a love - hate relationship with October! I love fall but hate garden clean up. Although by this time of the year, I am exhausted from harvesting, canning, freezing, drying the garden's bounty. And, I am thankful for another year of being able to provide good food to my family from our little urban farm.

Here's a photo of the asparagus bed, which is now covered in straw mulch. Yes, that's a tomato plant in the middle. I did not have the heart to pull it yet because there are still lots of black cherry tomatoes on it that are not ripe. These were among my favorite tomatoes of the 2011 garden.

My boys and I spent a few hours outside today clearing out much of the garden that remained. I harvested the last of the beets, some carrots, lots of tomatoes (both ripe and green), a few last beans and peas.

Here are the last of the beets...and beets greens. YUMMY!

I will try to write a more extensive review of the 2011 season at some point. Probably after the maple tree has finished shedding her leaves and the snow flies.


Cat Lockman said...

This is great to read, and I'm enjoying the overview of the season from the garden perspective. We've yet to start garden building at our house in the Maryland suburbs ... it's been two years, and we're working through a renovation, and have redone the front perennial beds (and snuck in herbs). I'm looking forward to next season, and hopefully christening a new garden. I think I need a garden consultation call with you before we start, LOL!

Detroit City Chick said...

Catherine-I have seen some pics of your renovation on FB. As always, you look like you're going all out. Garden consultations are best done on site. I would love to find a way to come to see you!! Who knows?